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     Birds are peaceful creatures and I admire them. Their songs are so sweet. Birds are so intelligent and I praise God for them. I love listening to their sweet voices in the morning. The way God made birds is so amazing. In this essay I will talk to you about how birds live

     First I would like to talk about their feathers. The feathers on a bird are the most important thing on them and they can’t live without them. They help them fly, stay warm, stay dry, and keep their eggs warm. Their feathers are waterproof so when it rains they fluff up. That is why when you look outside and you see a bird that looks like a cute puffball, That is how they keep warm.

     The birds will make their nests out of anything. Like string, hay, grass, and so many other things. When I was little I used to watch birds build their nests and it looked so easy. So one time I had tried to build one myself. I got grass, pine needles, hay, and other useful things. I tried making one all day and eventually I made one but it wasn’t very good which goes to prove that birds are very talented. God made them in a special way.

     Then after they finish their nest they lay eggs. They could have 1 egg 2 eggs 3 eggs and even 4 eggs and no matter how many they have to take care of them. That is why the build their nests up high in trees or sheds. So Predators won’t get to them like cats, raccoons, snakes, many other predators that might want to eat their eggs. They also have to keep their eggs warm because if they got to cold the babies will die. The mother bird will even try to attack any predator close to her eggs if she has to. A mother birds babies are the most important thing to her and she will do anything to take care of them.

     After the babies hatch out of their eggs they are hungry so the mother and father bird will take turns feeding them. The mother will protect her babies while the father gets food then the father will protect the babies while the mother looks for food. Not all birds take turns, many of the fathers will leave to mate bird after bird but will not stay which leaves the mother to do all the work. God made birds in a way to adapt so do not worry about the mother being all alone. I know it may sound hard for a mother bird to feed her babies each day without any sleep but that is okay. God made birds and all animals in a way that they can take care of their young day after day. The mother bird may get some sleep at night.

     As the mother bird feeds her babies day after day they grow in size. As they grow they will become less dependent on their mother. But she still feeds them day after day. Soon they will become big enough to fly but they don’t go straight to flying. First they have to stretch their wings so they flap and they start walking around the nest. Soon they will start climbing. Once they are ready they will start to fly a little at a time and then they will leave their mother and the cycle will start again. This whole cycle is how God made them. And birds are very great creatures.

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6 thoughts on “Birds”

  1. Cool!
    It was really funny when you wrote that you made
    a nest yourself! Lol!!
    Maybe next time, I’ll try on my own!! Lol!!
    I learned a couple new things!
    Great essay!


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