God’s sovereignty

God blessed Abraham with many wonders. It was so hard to believe that God could give them a baby after so long but it still happened and It was a miracle. Even though Sarah did not believe  that God could do it He still gave them a son. Isaac was a great miracle to Abraham and he loved him so very much. Abraham was so very happy to have a son of his own but then the day would come were God would speak to Moses about his son. Now what am about tell you will make you understand how much Abraham trusted God. Imagine you had a son and loved him so much. And them God Spoke to you and said that you had to offer your son as a sacrifice to God!! Now even though Abraham loved his son, He loved God more and trusted him. So just before Abraham was about to kill his son, a voice from heaven spoke and said do not hurt this boy. God was testing Abraham to see how much he trusted God. Abraham was a good man and his son grew like him.

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