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     I am here to write an essay about space. I don’t have an essay today but I really wanted to write one. I used to not like writing but since I started on RPC I have started to love writing and I hope you enjoy this essay. Well here I go!

     Space is probably the most mysterious place ever. The way God made it was amazing. No one can even count the stars.  Have you ever wondered where the stars go at night? Well actually they don’t go anywhere. They are always there but the sun is so bright that you can’t see them. And the sun is actually a star too.  Stars are very interesting to look at and are another one of the very many wonderful things God has made.

     Have any of you ever wondered if there is life somewhere far away in another galaxy? Well we really don’t know but it is possible. Life could be on a planet somewhere far away. I mean if you just take a little time to think about it, what I God made others like us far away. It says in the bible that when we make it into heaven we will know everything! Every answer to every question.

     To live on earth we need to have oxygen, food, water and many other things. Did you know that without rain we would not survive.  It would not water the plants we eat and the animals we eat have to eat plants to survive so there would be no meat either and soon we would perish.  People call that famine.

     Well I hope all of you have enjoyed this and will comment about it. Space is so interesting and I hope this will encourage you to learn more about it.  Well bye for now!!

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