The Cat of Bubaste

     Today I have to write a one page paper on the story I have been reading. Well I haven’t really liked this story but it is about a cat. But so far It has been about  a prince named Amumba and his protector Chebron. His father and all of his men were going to go into battle against Egypt. Soon after the battle started his father had been shot with an arrow. Later his father had died and then the battle had been won by Egypt.

     That night Amumba’s mother poisioned herself  because she would rather have been with her husband. Then everyone was captured! Even the prince and chebron. They were taken to Egypt to be slaves.

     The prince and Chebron were given to the high priest. And he was very kind to them. They were very surprised at how he treated them. He treated them as equals even though he had never seen a blonde headed boy before. Amumba’s hair was almost gold and all the Egyptions were surprised.  Well I don’t have much of anything else but I hope you liked it.

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