Okay so today I am supposed to write about plants I see outside. Well I think that most of the plants that I have here are the same as everyone elses. I have flowers in my yard. Well my dad calls the weeds. The are yellow and have really neat leaves.  Oh I remember what they are called now! Dandelions, did you know that everything on a dandelion it edible. The leaves on them  are very healthy for you. But they taste sour so what I would recommend is to take the inside after picking them and then wash them off because you never know if someone has stepped on the or if they have been sprayed with chemicals, so you always need to take these precautions.

     If you do not like the taste of the leaves then that is okay you can always eat the flower. But do the same and wash it too. One time I was about to eat a dandelion an a couple of sugar ants were on it. Even though sugar ants are harmless and are proven that even sugar ants are good for you to eat. Which I know most of you think sounds crazy and even if you did believe me you probably wouldn’t go outside the next day looking for sugar ants to eat. I wouldn’t even to that!!

     I also have pine trees but who doesn’t?!?! I think I have dovewood grass. It basically looks like long grass that droops down. I have those trees with leaves that are shaped like stars. Those trees and willows are my favorite. The star trees which it what I am going to call them, are very pretty in fall. Their leaves turn all sorts of colors. And willows are such peaceful trees!

     Well I don’t have much more to write about and I hope you all liked this essay. Plants are such special thing and without them we wouldn’t be alive. bye

4 thoughts on “Plants”

  1. Ya
    I definitely can’t live without plants. I love hanging gardens especially.
    I also like to you casual stuff like used shoes and watering cans. I also
    like too decorate pots. You can get creative and do all kinds of patterns.
    I think you’ll love it!!


      1. Yeah!
        You should check out my post “Step by Step”. The next lecture? or something will be about decorating pots.
        I post that series about once a week.


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