Staying Healthy

       So for today I have to write about things that make you healthy. I would first like to talk about sleep. Also about how important it is for you. Sleep is important to your body because your body is working all day. Think of it as this, think of your brain as a remote control to a toy truck or helicopter. If you do not have a remote control then it won’t work. Let’s say you were driving you were driving you car around all day and then it stops because it needs fuel or new batteries. Which for your body that is usually food. But even with fuel you car can still be worn out, so taking a break will help you body rest. Have you ever been sick were your mom, dad, or guardian said you need do sleep or rest and you wonder why. Well sleeping is also a time when you body can focus on healing wounds or sickness. Every time I am sick I will take a nap and every time I wake up I always feel a little better. So always remember that sleep is very important.

     Food is also very important for your body. Like I said in the paragraph above it is fuel for your body. Did you know that most vegetables are good at cleaning out your organs. As food passes through your body it cleans it out and unhealthy food just dirties it. Water is also very healthy  because it flushes out your body. It is good to eat healthy foods

Well I was only supposed to writ half a paper. I hope you all  enjoy this paper. Also remember that keeping a healthy diet is very good for your body and without it you couldn’t survive. Also Getting atleast 12 hours of sleep is very good for your body. Well goodbye for now!

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