The Zeebo first part

Here I was sitting in my bed about to read story. My lamp was on and I was getting my feet all toasty under my covers. The book I was about to read was called the Zeebo. My grandma had bought it for me on my 11th birthday. which now I was 13 and it always bothered me to see it on my shelf, for some reason every time I looked at it a chill ran up my spine. And now I was going to have to read it because that was the only way to get it out of my room and into storage. Then I heard a BOOM!! And the book opened. I felt a jolt as if I went through a lighting storm. Really I was kinda scared. Then as it opened It was skimming through pages so quick I couldn’t even see the words and then suddenly it stopped. It stopped on a certain page. But this page had no words in fact it was blank. Well except for half of it. Half of it had words that said BEWARE. And then the words changed as if someone had erased them and now more words showed up and here is what it said. BEWARE YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS NOTHING LIKE BEFORE. YOU ARE ABOUT TO FIND THE LEGEND OF THE ZEEBO. Then those words erased and more came up. YOU WILL MEET STRANGE PEOPLE AND GO ON ADVENTURES NEVER DONE BEFORE, SO BEWARE. THE ADVENTURE LIES OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR. I was amazed but also hoping this was some kind of prank.

Then I heard the windows rattling and the doors creaking. By this time I had jumped out of my bed and was trying to open my door. Then when it all stopped my door finally opened. I walked into my living room and everything seemed the same? Was this truly a joke? Or was I really some place different? I had to find out! I walked to my front door and it was kinda bright and as I walked out I covered my eyes and suddenly!! Well please stay tuned for next time!! On Zeebo part two

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