The Zeebo 3rd part

Then out of the blue came out!! Indians!?!? Atleast I thought they were. the skin color was like an indians. The men had only shorts on and there was paint spots on there face. When they first jumped out they were all holding spears but then they got a better look at me and then they were wispering to each other and I couldn’t tell what they were saying. then all the sudden they grabbed me and took me to a huge castle that was surronded with indian guards. They took me inside and set me down. They started chanting all hail cebu. Then a tall stern man walked out. He had a garmet on that covered his whole body and a colorful beaded necklace with teeth in it. He took me inside a TP and than started speaking english. He told me that the map I had would lead me to the Zeebo. But that I needed to find the other half. But then without any hesitation I asked what the Zeebo was!?!?!? For a couple seconds he stood there quietly and just stared at me as if I was crazy. But then he spoke.

Long ago he said, the zeebo was a mystical creature that was like a God to everything that lived on the island. He could grow thousand of plants and trees that beared fruit or grain with a swipe of his hand. He could to anything. Then one day A Came the enemy of Zeebo. Cacoler was a terrifying creature that was very powerful. One day he wiped out the whole island and everything on it except the Zeebo. Then the great battle began. The two titans fought and the Zeebo won gaining back all the land. But the Zeebo knew that the Cacoler wouldn’t be gone for long, So he made a book that would send worthy worriers to the island to find him again. I wondered what he ment by find him again because in the story he told the zeebo hadn’t dissaperd. I was about to ask him but he said it was time for me to leave and he gave me instruction to my next location. well can’t wait for the next part

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