The Zeebo second part

I walked out my door and it was kinda bright so I covered my eyes and suddenly!! I felt something squish between my toes. At first I couldn’t tell what it was. Then I looked down and saw sand. I thought to myself how could sand be out my front door. And then I realized! I had turned around and my whole house was on an ISLAND!!!!! How could this happen? Of course now I will never read any books my Grandma gives me. Then this man walked up to me, I couldn’t say he was small but I couldn’t say he was big either. He was about my size and I thought he was my age but one of the first things I noticed was his ears. The were shaped like elf ears but he was to big to be an elf. His hair was bright brown. I had never seen anything like this in my life. The he started to hand me something, In his right hand was a folded up piece of paper. I opened it and it looked like the same picture that was in the back of my book. I ran inside thinking it might be the other half to my book but when I got in my room it was gone, there was nothing left.

I lost hope and as I was walking out of my room I heard something. I turned around and there was a letter. It wasn’t like an ordinary letter, The envelope was like gold and had a seal. I opened it and here is what the letter said. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR JOURNEY, YOU ARE GOING TO FIND THE LEGEND OF THE ZEEBO, YOU WILL FIND ENEMIES BUT YOU WILL NEED FRIENDS, MANY HAVE BEEN ON THIS JOURNEY BUT FEW HAVE MADE IT OUT. THE ONLY WAY TO GET BACK HOME IS TO COMPLETE THE GAME. THE DWARF WILL GIVE YOU YOUR NEXT INSTRUCTIONS. I was thinking to myself this must be a dream. IF I didn’t complete this challenge I would be stuck here forever!! The that boy!?!dwarf!? thingamajig walked towards me and said The next part is to meet the cemu king. Man do they have weird names I thought. Then he handed me a pair of clothes,a dagger,and a rope. The clothes were blue and gray. they had looked like they were stitched together. The dagger had a belt that went around my waist and had a holder that I stuck it in. Now I looked like Tarzan. I had half a map remember and one part of it was directions to a castle. So I went there. I was walking through the jungle and heard a lot of strange noises. Like owls and wolves!? Then out of the the blue came out!! Well I hope you all have liked this. I hope you come back for Zeebo part three. Don’t think this will go on forever. I will end it but I like to keep suspense.

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