Have any of you just sat down to admire a butterfly and just wonder how God made all of the butterflies so beautiful. God made these amazing little creatures so beautiful and it is just another example of his greatness. This one you see here is called a Blue Morpho Butterfly. As you can see by it’s beautiful blue colors it is truly an amazing butterfly.

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This one is called a Zebra Swallowtail butterfly. This butterfly gets it’s name from the stripes on its wings. This butterfly has a line down at the bottom of his wing and that is why he gets his name swallowtail. Swallowtail are a big family and here are some more.

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Tiger swallowtail

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This is a spicebush swallowtail. There are many types of swallowtails and if you look them up they come in many different colors. If you like catching butterflies then here is what I reccomend. Use a proper butterfly net and after you catch one you need to be careful. Butterflies wings are very delicate and if you have ever touched ones wing then you might see what looks like powder on your hands. This powder is what helps the butterflies fly and if to much is wiped of then they won’t be able to fly. When you go to handle one then pinch his wings together careful and turn him upside down. This calms the butterflies so they don’t stress out. Well I hope you like this essay and comment below. Well bye until next time.

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