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Today I have to write an essay about Saul. Saul wasn’t a very good guy. He would go into peoples houses and take them. But the people he took were only christians. He would take wives husbands even children. Just as long as they were christians. One day there was a christain named Stephen preaching in a crowd. He was preaching about God. The people were angry and Saul was there. He ordered them to stone him. Which means to throw huge rocks at him until he died. Stephen prayed to God as he was being stoned, he asked God to forgive them. Then after that Saul took all the christians he could to prison. It was horrible. Philip who knew Stephen was also preaching and he didn’t stop even after Stephen was killed.

Meanwhile Saul was on the road to Damascus to kill more believers. As Saul was approaching Damascus Suddenly a light fell from heaven and flashed him around, he fell to the ground and heard a voice speak to him. “Saul! “Saul! the voice said. Why are you apposing me? Saul aswered and said who are you LORD. The voice said I am Jesus I am the one you are opposing. Now get up and go into the city. there you will be told what to do. Saul got up and opened his eyes but he couldn’t see. His men were speachless. They all had saw what happened.

His men led him by the hand for three days until he got into the city. Also he had not eaten or drinken. And he was still blind. In Damascus there was a believer named Ananias. The lord spoke to him in a dream and told him go to the house of judas and there you will ask for a man named saul. I have blinded him and I want you to place your hands on him to make him see again. Ananias said that he has heard of saul and that he was coming here to kill Gods people. But the Lord said GO!! I have chosen you to heal him.

SO he went and found Saul he placed his hands on him and then… He could see!! Saul got up then he got baptized and after eating to get his strength back he preached about God. Then God changed his name to Paul and after that He was a strong believer. It just goes to show that even the most evil people can change.

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