Zeebo part five.

Then these terrifiing monsters were grabbing us. We were taken to a hug temple. Jane said that I better say my prayers. The brought inside the temple and in front of us was a black void. Then a voice spoke out of the void. It was a kind of a low voice but still very scary, here is what it said. What are your names? I said what are names are doesn’t matter. What we wont is the heart of Zeebo. Then he spoke again. I thought you would say that, Everyone who comes in here wants it. I said that all we wanted was the heart and the we would leave. Suddenly he stretched out his body only showing his face. His teeth were like daggers and his face bright orange. His eyes spoke death and he had no nose. My heart started beating frantically. I then saw him stick his head back in and he said something. You have come here to take the heart but will not go back. You are going to enter my tournament of games and if you survive that the I will gladly give you the heart.

They took us into this huge place blocked with walls but there were seat every were filled withe these monsters. I then remebered the dagger in my pocket and pulled it out. Jane already had hers out. The one door opened, This hidieos beast walked out and was charging us. Jane pulled out a rope and grabbed the monster with it. It sent her flying but eventually she got ahold of the monster and climbed on his back and so did I. Then another door opened and another and another. These monsters surronded us and we both knew this could not be done alone, then out came the indians with spears and arrows, the were shooting at the beasts. Jane and I pulled around and were also killing the monsters. Once all the fighting was done I walked up to that void again and asked for the heart but no one answered. Oh no! said Jane. He has fleed to find the cacoler. what will we do? I said only what we can, that is get the heart and start moving. I walked up to what appereed to be a door and inside the door was a room. The was a peice of paper insied and when I opened it up it was only half of a paper which said. YOU HAVE COMPLETED ONE OF THE HARDEST PARTS OF YOUR JOURNEY, NOW GO TAKE THIS BOX AND FIND THE ZEEBO. Then the words erased and it turned into half of a map. I put my half of the map and the other half together. Now on it showed the directions to the Zeebo. WE were finally going to get out of here. Then the temple started to rumble. I grabbed the box and we ran out of there as fast as we could until we got outside. The city had fallen. The evil city of Montar. Well I will be makeing a new part soon but for now I hope you enjoyed this.

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