The Zeebo THE END

As we were walking through the jungle I took the time to see how beautiful this land really is. A part of me was glad we were saving it but I still wanted to go home. The place the map were it said the Zeebo was had a cave on it so I assumed that we would come to a cave. We did and it was big.

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It had looked something like this. I was scared to enter but Jane and I both did. We went inside and came to a golden door. I went to open it but we needed a key. Suddenly my map lifted out from my pocket it turned golden and the became the shape of a key. I was hoping that this was the key. I stuck it through the key hole and it turned, the door opened. Inside laid this mystical beast. So pleasent as if he was sleeping. I opened the box were the heart was and lifted it in the air. Suddenly Zeebo was lifted up to the heart slowly made it’s way to his chest and sunk in as if it was absorbed. Suddenly his eyes opened! Color came back to his fur. As he was lifted back down he looked at me and when he got on the ground he bowed to me as a thankyou. he put me on his back and I held on tight. He ran out of that cave so fast I thought my skin would fall right off my face. Jane and I were so excited because we would finally go home. But it wasn’t over yet! The ground started to rumble and the the trees started to shake. Then thi hideos beast came from the ground, he was the cocalor. I thought the Zeebo would defeat him but I was wrong. He put us down and went to fight the giant. The were thrashing all over!! The Zeebo was wounded!! I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled out my dagger I was ducking every foot and tail. I stuck my dagger into the beast and pulled down as hard as i could. Jane was running after me saying to watch out. Then the Zeebo got the upper hand because Cocaler was injured badly. I stood to the beast and said BE GONE!! And all the sudden here I was back home laying in my bed. I couldn’t believe itr so I walked to my door and opened it. I went to the living room and saw mom and dad sitting there watching TV I ran to hug them and they were quite surprised. They said I needed to get back in bed and change out of those weird clothes. I had still had those clothes on. Then I forgot all about Jane! I waited till the next morning and I had a knock on the door. Mom said on of my friends was here to see me. It was Jane! she was way older than me, I took her to my my room were she then thanked me. She said after I dissaperd the cacoler died. The Zeebo put his paw on me and and I was back home. Turns out Jane is a Doctor. We were good friends after that and saw each other all the time. I was happy it was all over now and I hope you all liked my story. THE END

3 thoughts on “The Zeebo THE END”

    1. Thankyou I am so glad that you like it!! Once you have posted on your blog I will send it to all my friends on my school and they can visit you place


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