My favorite movie

     Today I have to write an essay about my favorite movie. I have many favorites so it was hard to pick. I like the movie parent trap because it is funny and really cool. I think that is is very creative movie. For most of you who have seen it you probably agree with me.

It is about these kids who’s parents broke up when they were little and they never knew who they were. Then one day they were both sent to camp and they both met there. They got into fights and praked each other until one day they found out that they were related. They switched up to see if their parents noticed but they didn’t.

The girl that went with her sister’s dad had a problem because their dad was dating. Well they pulled a lot of pranks on her till she finally gave up and broke up with their dad. Well I don’t think I should tell you the rest of the story cause then you probably wouldn’t watch it but please do.

This is a great movie and hope that if you haven’t seen it then you will. This movie probably isn’t for kids younger then 9. I only say this because if you want to try and get them to watch too they won’t because it would be to boring for them. I know because I have three brothers that are younger than me. Well I hope you enjoyed this essay! bye

43 thoughts on “My favorite movie”

      1. Thx. Lol. I think the reason u did not recognize this at first is cuz I did not tell u my username, lol.


      2. Wait I have 2 warn u on something.

        My essays are kinda different from urs. I have essays for Government and English.

        I will try to explain my essays the best way that I can.


  1. hey Sawyer! I am in Texas. what area are you going to be in?
    I am maryp on the forums. all of my family is from Louisiana, and it is amazing there, I know. I LOVE the Parent Trap. your essay was good! i think if you capitalize some stuff, it would be perfect


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