Why I Love Art

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I love art because it is so creative. In art you can mess up but it can still look good. It is like all the creative imagination in your head goes to your hand. Then the best part happens. you get to show your drawings to others and they can share their opinions with you. I used to think that I would never be a good artist when I was little. But I would still draw. I drew almost everyday and didn’t stop. I am so much better today. Here is a funny little story that is true. When I was little a had a funny way of drawing people. I would draw a circle and and a nose,eyes, and a mouth. The I would draw arms coming out of the circle and legs coming out of the bottom. Well one day my mom had me go through all my drawing and stack them neatly. When I was looking through them I noticed that all my drawing only had a head and not a body. I really freaked out so from then on I started drawing a body and practiced to get better.

When I get a bigger room I plan to have it filled with art and creative things. I love to stitch,make things withe clay, Make bracelets, and many other things. Oh I forgot to mention that butterflies are one of my favorite things to draw. They are so beautiful and if you want to learn more about them there is a essay below that I wrote about them. They can get tricky to draw because the other wing has to be identicale to the other. But in time it will work. well I hope you all enjoyed. bye

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