Australia’s culture

     Today I have to write about a culture that I like. Well I really like Australia so I want to write about it. People who first lived in Australia were Britians. They colonized the land and soon started a government. The oldest surviving traditions now are of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres people. One of their traditions is called dream time. It is celebrating their ancestrial spirits that built the land. Most Australian tribes didn’t know God and Instead worshiped spirits and Gods.

     When the British first arrived there they arrived at what we now call Sydney Australia. Which they mainly Kept their prisoners there or people who had been banished. William Wentworth had made the first political party for Australia. And women fought for their rights to vote. They eventually won rights to vote in South Australia. While British culture remained strong in Australia in the 21st century. Other influences became stronger.

     The Hawaiian way of surfing was soon adopted into Australia. Soon Songs and movies were adopted into Australia as well. Soon in 1901 People wanted to design a flag for Australia. And well they did. Here is a picture of what It looks like.

See the source image
See the source image

     Even though Australia has no official language they still have a really cool accent. So I hope you all enjoyed my essay and please like or comment down below. Bye for now!

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