MY daily routine

So Before I start I live in an RV and if you don’t know what that is then you can look it up or ask your parents. So first I wake up around usually 7:30 And then i have to go into the living room which my brothers are usually up and my mom is sleeping. I then make my brothers food to eat and food for me and then my mom wakes up. Then I let the dogs out and come back in to give them food. Once I bring the dogs back in I wash the dishes.

Then I start on school. Which can take an hour at the most. After school I take my brothers out to play. I might also play by climbing trees but I like to paint outside. Then I bring my brothers in to eat. It is 12:00 by then. I make them food and then we all eat. After eating if there is any dishes then I do those. I bring the dogs out once more and my brothers. We stay outside to about 5:00. Then we come in to eat. My mom is the one that makes supper. After we eat I wash the supper dishes and then take a rest.

Once my brothers are in bed my mom and I spend time together. But when my dad is home I don’t because then he gets to spend time with her. But we will watch a movie or just talk. After that I go in my room to read my bible and then I have time to do whatever I want. Then after that I go to sleep. MY bedtime is 9:00. And then it is a normal day again. But on Sunday it is different!!

My daily routine on Sunday. So when I get up to make food for my brother I then leave the dishes and soon you will know why. I take the dogs out and get ready for church. I don’t have time for dishes then. Then we Go to church and get there around 10:44. I get to talk to all my friends their and then listen to Pastor Russel. IT ends at 12:00. Then we go home to eat and sometimes go out. But after that we leave at 4:30 To go to Awana. It is super fun at awana. You can win contests play games and learn more about God. I have to memorise my verses to get points. The we go home at 7:00. WEll that is my Sunday. Hope you all enjoyed my essay!!!

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