Leaf bug

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So Today I am writing about leaf bugs. This tiny and cute creature is actually called a plant hopper. These things on them that make them look like leaves are wings. That is why they are called plant hoppers. They hop from one place to another. For those of you who have seen one will know how small they really are. They are about as big as the nail on your ring finger. That is one of the things that keeps them hidden. Besides their neat leaf disguise. They are everywere but to small to see.

They have a straw like mouth that they use to drink sap. Just like butterflies. They like living in wetlands and are often found in long grass. Leaf bugs aren’t considered pest unless they are in large groups. Farmers don’t really mind them because they can do any detruction to plants. Well I hope you have enjoyed this essay. And have seen how truly interesting they are.

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