My Route Around the World

this is about what my route around the world would be. world like phileas fogg did. Well once I first learned that that is what my essay would be about then I thought I would need a globe     So today I have to write about the route I would take to get around or something like that. Well turns out I have a globe I can use that I just got so problem solved.  Well here I go!

     So I live in America and in Louisiana. I will soon move to Texas so I am writing this as if I were in Texas. So in America I would use a car to travel. I would wake up super early and leave in my car. First I would drive through Louisiana then through missisipi And stop in Alabama to eat something. Which would probably be lunch. I would drive through Alabama and to the end of Georgia. I would sleep at I hotel there. Then In the morning I would take an Airplane to Mauritania Africa. I would be tired by the then and would also find I place were I could rest.

     That should have been two days by now. Once it was morning I would be on my way again. I would take an airplane across Africa and stop at a place called Eritrea Africa. There I would rest again an in the Morning  I would travel to Yemen Asia and then to Mumbia India. Then I would travel to Tokyo and rest. Then After Tokyo I would travel back to America. I would go to San Diego California and take  a plane to Armarillo Texas then To my Home in Tenaha. And because of how technology is today it might have taken just 12 days at the most.

Well this was fun and I hope you all enjoyed it. Please leave likes or comments down below on how you liked it. BYE

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