My business

So today I have to write about what business I would have if I could have one. Well I got to thinking and finally came up with one, but I am not going to spoil the essay. So you will just have to read it for yourself. So first I would have to buy a store or a building to start my business. I don’t know if i would want it small or big but small would be better. Just to start of. So after that I would redesign it to what I would want. I basically would want to make it look like a big souviner shop but that is not what it will be. I would have a desktop and a cashier. After everything is finished I would start to hire people and buy supplies.

ok I think it’s time I tell you what my business would be. I would sell bracelets and paintings. It could be that you could choose a painting you want and I could make it for you. And bracelets. Soon over time I could sell knit hats and gloves. I could sell many thing and hope to have my business grow. but besides all that I would still love to be a vetrinarian. My love for animals grows everyday.

It brings me joy to know how I saved a butterfly or an animal or and living or flying thing. IT is just one step closer to helping keep the world clean. Sadly everyday I see more and more trash everywhere people just don’t care and if you don’t care about something for to long it will die. As we all will one day when we go to heaven with our heavenly father. We all need to start caring a little more everyday and maybe eventually stop all this littering. Well that is the end of my essay for today. please comment or like!! bye

12 thoughts on “My business”

  1. That’s so cool. I actually love your consept about how to sell the paintings. I used to dream of becoming a florist, and that’s what florists do. They get orders from their customers, and they make a bouquet, just as the customer said.


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