My favorite character

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Today I have to write about one of my favorite characters in the book I have read. Well the most recent book I have read was around the world in eighty days. It was kind of boring and I would suggest it for bigger kids. Being that I am 11 going on 12 in a week. So I think my favorite character from that book was Philasees Fogg. I’m not quite sure how to spell his name. But anyway I like him because he seems like a good guy.

He was a really good gentleman and was never late to anything! Not even late by a second. Oh and keep in mind this is a fictional story so this is not real. He even took on a challenge to go all around the world. I think that would be lots of fun! Just imagine visiting countries around the world! Meeting new people and learning new things. But of course he was on a race around the world so he probably didn’t have time to visit people or tour places.

I think most of you wonder why my essay are so short. I don’t mean for them to be short. I think half of it is because I am lazy and the other half I can’t think of anything else. I still hope you all enjoy my essays. If you want to, then feel free to discuss with me how you feel about my essays and what I should change, because I would love to chat about it.

Well that is my favorite character and to any of you who are going to read around the world in 80 days please know, that it might be kind of boring but that is my opinion. Please don’t let this discourage you, it is still a good book and worth reading. Goodbye!

5 thoughts on “My favorite character”

  1. I’m reading 20,000 leagues under the sea. Also the same author. It’s really great! Jules Verne and H.G. Howells are called, “The Father of Science”.


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