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So today I was supposed to write my own greek myth. Which at first I was not sure how I was going to do that, but after some thinking I finally got a pretty good story in my opinion. But feel free to share all of your opinions below. Ok here I go

So long ago was a princess named gala. She was daughter of the greek empire druis. The king Druis believed that some people that were royal could turn into Gods before they died. One day as he was praying to the Gods one of them spoke to him and said, Druis son of druid you have a daughter whom your wife gave birth to. Now as she comes upon her 17th birthday she has gained beauty like never before. We will take he up as a sacrifice from you and we will make her a Goddess of beauty and she will be able to bestow upon any one whom she wants and will grant them beauty. She will be known a Difora daughter of the Gods. Now king Druis did not like this for he loved his daughter. But he knew that if not then the Gods could punish his whole family.

So then he asked then to grant him one week with her. The Gods agreed and before king druis knew it. the week was over. That morning he was trembleing with fear and sadness. Gala had noticed this and asked him what was wrong. He could not bear it any longer! He finally told her. She fell on her knees and tears fell down her face. She asked her father why he had not told her sooner. But it was to late. He brought her to the highest mountain in the village. and the Gods came down to take her away. One of them spoke and said, for this your family will be blessed for many generations. This made druis feel better. When Difora was taken up with the Gods he hair turned almost white she was soon tured to the age of 25 her eyes were light blue, her dress was red. She was made the most beautiful.

after living with the Gods for 20 yrs he beauty had still not vanished. By now King druis had another daughter and son. they were twins. Difora had saw this and missed her family so much. Every day she would make her fathers favorite flower bloom. He knew it was her and he talked to her every day. Soon the day came were he had passed and as he was going to be judged Difora begged the Gods to make him a God. He had been loyal to them his whole life so they agreed. They made him a God and finally they were back together. at first they didn’t recognize each other but when they figured it out they hugged for so long. They could finally be together. But things weren’t going so well down below. The kings son was very evil and the Gods hated that so they killed him. Then his sister became Queen!

Every one was finally happy and this story was known for a long time after! Well hope you all enjoyed!! Godbye Lol Goodbye

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