26 thoughts on “Gli”

    1. Attention Dragon Lovers and Drawers
      Posted on April 21, 2021

      Attention Dragon Lovers and Drawers! Do you like to draw dragons? Are you very good at it? Do you want to illustrate my story (read from Chapter 1 to 8; look at my sidebar)? Then take this quiz and give me your results. Dragon lovers and drawers, it will help me out if you reblog this. If there are more than 1 people, visit this post ( and put in the password: dragon. You will be expected to compete in a private contest. Make sure to check the comments. You must ask for the job now though because it expires on 4/25/21 and then no one else can ask for the job and is ready for the contest. Ciao!


  1. Nicely done 👏 I find dragons incredibly hard to do, and I really love how you’ve done the wings.
    A quick tip: if you wanna avoid lines try (how do I explain this..) holding the pencil so that the tip is kind of horizontal. I don’t think I’m making a lot of sense, but……. oh well. Maybe one day I’ll make a video explaining it 😂


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