Ok everyone I have 19 followers!! All I need it one more so if you are not following my blog then please follow!! I love meeting new friends and learning more about Gods word!

74 thoughts on “19 followers!!”

      1. Om goodness!!! I can’t believe that one of my friend is living in my most favorite place in the world!!! I am freaking out!! WOW I have so many questions. Have you ever been to the Irwim Zoo? Or do you know who they are!!

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      2. LOL, I feel like a celebrity rn! 😂 Yes, I actually did visit the Irwin Zoo in Queensland around 8 years ago! It was really cool seeing the places where Bindi and her family worked. My cousin actually works there! 😄


      3. Oh, okay! That’s alright : )
        Hmmmm, I think you’re more than capable of illustrating your own book, girl! But you can contact me if you ever need to 🙃


      1. I am not sure!😐 Are you in the contest or not???? In mia’s post she only mentioned 2 drawings but posted yours as well….Sooo I am still not sure I like yours and I like DD09’s.


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