Why are Christians so fearful?

Hi everyone! Today I am going to start something I should have started a long time ago. I am going to start writing essays in different subjects about God’s word. Lets just say it’s like I am preaching but in essays. I will post new ones as often as I can. So today I would like to talk about why Christians are so fearful to spread God’s word. By that I mean any one of you wouldn’t go out into a parking lot and start preaching God’s word?. I wouldn’t even do that, and the problem about that is why? Well I think we all know why. It is because of pride and shame, and many other things. We are afraid of what people will think about us. We are afraid of how they will judge us!

Umm I kinda want you all to think about something for a minute. Way back then when Christ followers were being torturde for their faith. They still stood strong and would not deny God. Yet we can’t even preach his word because of Judgement or embarrassment. How Do you think we will be able to die for Christ if we can’t even talk about him. And don’t think this is all on ya’ll, it is me too. I umm I don’t quite know if some of you want to hear what I am about to say. It is a little Graphic so I suggest you skip to the next paragraph. So I heard a story from our Pastor and it got me in tears just to think about it. Their was this little girl and I can’t remember what country she was from but, I think it was one of those strict muzlum countries were you can’t be a christian or you would die. So this little girl who was about 10 had learned about God and she became a christian. OH man I am already in tears!! So then her parents found out about it and they didn’t like it so they were going to get her to deny Christ. So they took some pliers and started pinching her skin with them. She wouldn’t deny Christ. Then they started taking chunks of her skin out with the pliers.. She still wouldn’t deny Christ. So they started cutting of he limbs one by one. Then they chopped her head off.

Tell me everyone! Do you think we could do that? I mean her own parents did that to her. I mean I can’t for one even image the pain she went through and still did not deny him. The hate for Christians in America is growing by the day. We need to start reading our bibles more and getting our faces out of phones and TV screens, and I hope that this has shown all of you that there are tests to come and we need to face then with the Lord our God.

Here is a little prayer for you all. Lord strengthen us, help us to learn more about you and to understand that fear is only Satan trying to get us to turn away from you. But we won’t we will stand strong in your word!! Amen

please feel free to ask Questions and leave comments. Bye till next time

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