Today i wanted to talk about baptism. I think baptism is very special because Jesus Christ was baptized. Being baptized is taking your old sinful self and washing it away. this bible verse says so. It means exactly what I just said. wash away your deceitful lust which is sin. and to put on the… Continue reading Baptism

Photo Contest!! (May)

This is such a fun contest! please enter if you can. It will be great! Also please reblog even if you don’t enter.

Home Schooling

Hey guys! And welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m hosting a photograph contest!! I wanted to have some fun so I decided to host a photo contest. I’ve seen lots of blogs where the authors post pictures of their dogs, or flowers and plants in the garden, so I think it will get quite intersting.

Anyone can enter, and the more you guys would reblog, the more pics you’ll be able to see and vote for. As usual, I’ll be making a post letting you guys know who the winner, 2nd, and 3rd place goes to. I think it’s quite easy.

The only thing is, there will be a theme according to the month the contest is hosted in. The one today is in May, so the theme will be flowers and/or plants.


Theme: Flowers and/or plants.

Amount of pics: You can take up to 5 pictures for…

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Attention Tuzumi and Rayna

I need your pics really soon! I will spare you a little extra time but I can't hold off waiting for you much longer. if you will not be able to then let me know. And by the way everyone I will be posting the beach voting post at 4;00 so please hurry everyone! thankyou