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Hi again! Today we are here to talk about church. Sooo😊 Who goes to church? I think most of us do. Well when you go to church it can be kinda boring right! Well that is today’s subject. I will explain things about church that you might find not interesting and I will make it interesting. So back to boring. When you walk into church you get to sit down and sing!! That is one of my favorite parts of church. Singing to God and praising him. After that the Pastor will preach. I think this is the part we find boring. Well the question is why?🤨 Well it usually because we don’t like listening to a whole bunch of words that we don’t even understand. Well I try to do the exact opposite. When Pastor Russel which is our pastors name, when he starts to preach I listen very closely. And I have found that when I do this I learn a bunch.

Next time you go to church then please let me know the outcome. Don’t think that just going to church makes you a christian though. I know plenty of people who say they are christians and go to church but their actions are wrong. Here is the thing You don’t judge people by their looks but by their actions. What they do and say is what matters most.😉

I also enjoy writing down verses and taking notes of what the pastor is saying. Writing things down help you remember them better. That is why I take notes. After the pastor is done i like talking to everyone and then we go eat. I love Sunday because you Get to know more about your heavenly father! Bye for now!

18 thoughts on “Church”

  1. Yes. Just saying you go to church doesn’t mean your Christian. Understanding and wanting to follow Jesus, and wanting to be his disciple, is the heart of a Christian. Most people say there Christian and go to church, but there heart can’t care less about it.


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