lesson 125 English

Today I am supposed to write about were I would go and why If I could go anywhere in the world. Well I would Go to Australia. I love Australia! It is so cool and A neat place To be.

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The Australian zoo

This is a place would love to go to. It is such an amazing place. I would love to work here. I have watched their show a bunch. I know a bunch about it too. I would even want to live there. I love animals and I would love to see an Echidna for real life! If you don”t know what that isHere is a pic.

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Grownup Echidna
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baby echidna

Awww 🤗It looks kinda like a platypus. But anyway I would love to see one. I might become a vet there. If that wouldn’t happen then i would like to study birds. Birds are my second favorite animal and I would learn more about them by studying them. I would watch their behavior and how they eat. All sorts of stuff. Oh and i would definantally have on as a pet. Have you ever seen a chickadee!! OOOO they are so cute!

See the source image

Here is one. Comment below who you think is cuter, the echidna or the chickadee. I absolutely can’t choose! They are both so cute. Australia is a great place! I hope you all liked my essay! BYE

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