The Jewish Revolt

A man named Gessius Flurus loved money more than anything. But he hated Jews. Since he was a Roman procurater that meant he ruled all of Judea. He cared little for their religious beliefs and when taxes were low he stole from the temple. As the hatred for him from the Jews grew, he decided to send troops into Jerusalum and they massacred 3,600 citizens. Fluros’s action made an explosive rebellion against him from the Jews which made the first Jewish Revolt. Hi everybody and this will be my 125 lesson in history so sit back and relax because this will get interesting! The Jewish revolt began and met it’s end at Massada. a huge hunk of rock overlooking the Dead sea. The Romans had made a inpenatrebale fortress there.Which was virtually impossible to get through.

Florus’s act did inspire some crazy Zealots to attack and amazingly they won slaughtering the roman army there. Back in Jerusalum the Temple captain ordered that no more sacrifices be made to Caesar. soon all of Jerusalum was in a revolt against Romans and killing them to gain back freedom. Cestius Callus who was governor of the Region, marched to Jerusalum with 20,000 Soldiers. He planned to take over Jerusalum. in doing this he failed and 6,000 soldiers were killed. not to mention The weaponary that the Jews picked up. Then soon after that Emporer Nero sent a man named Vaspasian His highest general to take over Jerusalum and stop the rebellion. He took over Galilee then Transjordan then he took over Idumea. He started to circle in on Jerusalum.

But before his grace Nero died Vaspasian came into a leadership struggle that had eastern armies asking him to become their emporer. But the first thing he wanted to do was appiont his son to take over for him, and take over Jerusalum. By now Jerusalum isolated from the rest of the nation and was growing poor. People began dying from starvation and the high priest wife who once basked in Luxury was now scavenging for crumbs on the street. Meanwhile the Romans made new weaponary to shoot rocks on the walls. Then the battle began! Jewish defenders fought and at night tried to build up the walls. The Romans broke through all three walls and the Jews still fought. They ran to the temple for their last defense.

That was the end for these valiant Jewish people. Titus and his men killed them al and the people who remained were sold as slaves. later on the Jews were driven out of Jerusalum. They then multiplied and well here we are in the modern times. These Jew’s had fought for their lives till the very end! That is all for now. Hope you liked it.

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