God’s Love

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Hi today I am back for another essay about Christ! i am writing this essay for those of you who aren’t saved, but I welcome everyone to read it. So I will explain God’s love for you. Well some of you may be thinking why do i need to know abut God’s love? Why can’t I just read the bible to be saved? Well Knowing why and how much God loves you is very important. So first i want to start of with the beginning. In my opinion God showed a lot of his love. First of all he gave earth life and food,water,shelter and so many other things so we could live. Some of you may also wonder why can’t God just make everyone follow him if he loves us so much? Well he decided that we should have our own opinion, i mean none of you would like someone making you believe something you don’t want to do. Right?

That also means that none of us can blame God for not sending an angel or a miracle to show you to believe. Besides he has a miracle already and that is His Bible. it is filled with His Holy words. I read atleast one chapter of my Bible every night. Another example of his love was Jesus Christ. He died for us because he loved us sooo much!! He has blessed me with my family!! That is why i don’t believe in such a thing called luck. luck is just blessings from God but no one wants to believe it. But I believe in Blessing and in Gods love! I love God more than anything and so should you! If you are not saved then please let me know!! goodbye for now!

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  1. β„π“‡π’Άπ’½β„΄π“‚β„―π“ˆπ’Έπ’½β„΄β„΄π“ says:

    What do you mean not saved? That part confused me?

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