To Mia

Those shawdows are scythina with sword soldiers! also gli is hiding behind a bush

22 thoughts on “To Mia”

      1. I do not know at the moment. I’m thinking of maybe selling items online. It may not be a job-job but it is a way to be successful.


      2. Wait no don”t I just figured this out! she is a fake and all the photos she uses she stole from google. I am so sorry but you need to unfollow her


      3. well here is how it happened. she just told me out of the blue to follow her so i did. I looked at her drawings on the blog and they were surprisingly good. She told me that she wanted a bunch of people to follow her. So I told everyone to follow her. But her drawings just didn’t look real. everyone started started coming back to me and said that she is a fake and they showed me places that she stole the photos from. It is all a scam. I have unfollowed her or him. Sorry for the confusement


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