Attention Ron Paul Students

I am wondering if anybody else is having problems getting on RPC? It won’t let me get on my lessons so I thought it was a problem with my computer. so my mom tried it on her phone and it still didn’t work so it is a problem with RPC and i am wondering if anyone else has it. so please let me know!

32 thoughts on “Attention Ron Paul Students”

  1. I have the problem too. This happens once or twice a year. It will get fixed in a few hours hopefully.


  2. Give it time. Ik Its been 2 or 3 hours be patient. In another few hours or so I am hoping this situation can be fixed.


  3. That is not good, hopefully you will resolve your problem. Best of luck. I also love your blog.


  4. Yes, the website crashed. I haven’t been able to do any of my school today. My mom has reached out on Facebook and emailed them. I’ll let you know if we hear back.


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