The Strange Item

So today I am supposed to write about an Item in my house and How I could make it into something useful. Well as you all would probably know I am super creative so this should be easy. Well my friend who is (6) just gave me some fake flowers and this is what I found you can do with them. First Item you need..

: glue

: fake flowers

: scissors

: paper

: a book

: felt markers or just plain marker.,mnbgfdss

and that should be all. So first you take the flower petals off.

You can cut if with scissors
Then take the top piece off
Now take the petals off
You can do this with a couple flowers.

Now that you have that done you need to get the glue out!

put glue on your biggest petals
press them on a paper in a shape of a star or flower
press down so their are no air pockets
then put a book on it and let it sit for a little bit

I guess you guys can see where this is going but i promise it will turn out great! ok so after waiting for a bit you can take the book off.

Use your marker to make cool designs
Then cut up your small flowers
Cut up some more
Then take some glue and put it on them
put them around your flower
pick a flower for the middle
put a book on it again
Then while you are waiting cut up the leaves

Now look at the pretty flower you have made!! you cane also make other things like dresses or other flowers. Well hope you liked it!! bye

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