A Birds Life

Blue Jay

Blue Jays are what I like to call Bird predators. They may seem pretty but in real life they are mean, but I believe every bird deserves to be loved. This will be my new book and I hope you all enjoy it!

While the mother bird is building the nest the father will bring sticks and string for the mother bird to make it. After the nest is done the mother bird will lay her eggs. A female Blue Jay can lay 3 to 6 eggs.

This is a blue jay just in case you don’t know what it is.

It takes 18 days before the eggs hatch so the female needs food. While she is sitting in her nest the male will find food to feed her. They will do this until the eggs hatch.

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These are Blue Jay eggs

Once the eggs hatch it”s feeding time!! The mother and father take turns finding food and feeding their babies. The picture below is of them feeding the babies. They do this for 21 days and after that the babies and parents will leave the nest.

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they look kinda ugly 😁

They will leave the nest together.

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Baby ready to fly

Here they will go, taking flight together; both parents will teach the babies how to fly.

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Oh, and I guess you are wondering what is so bad about these birds. Well, here is the bad side of the story:

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This is sad

These sweet looking birds have a horrifying bad side. They eat baby birds! Don’t get me wrong though they also eat fruit and seeds but this is the sad truth. This is just how God made them so we all need to look at the good side of things too. These birds are beautiful, and we should appreciate them. Well that was the first part and next I will do a article on Robins.

13 thoughts on “A Birds Life”

  1. Aw the baby Blue Jay ready to fly is so cute! 💙 yeah Blue Jays have a darker side… but they’re still really cool birds!
    Great post!


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