Art Contest

Hi i wanted to try an Art contest! this will be kinda like corries! You can post your Art in the Comments and Follow the same rules as corrie. These are the rules

No taking pic from google or any other sites

No being mean

You must make iT before wednesday!

No voting for yourself!

You must give me a code name

Okay so this art contest Will Be!!!…… Animals!! You have do draw any animal you want! You can only make one picture and post it to me in the comments! I will have people vote and whoever wins gets to suggest the next contest. However you must discuss the contest to me if you win because some suggestions for contests, i might not want! Okay artist get drawing! Oh and i will also be entering! alright i can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! also I need all of your pics by tomorrow at 3;00 in the afternoon

52 thoughts on “Art Contest”

    1. i will post all the pics you guys make and they tell me who they vote for in the comments. i will wright the contesters down and each time you vote for some one I will write it down

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