A Birds Life


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As you can see the female is the one that is kinda gray and the male is the one that is bright red. One of the most fascinating things about Cardinals is their beaks. If you take a really good look at them then you will see how big they are. The birds use their beaks like this because they like eating hard seeds and nuts. Their beaks make it easy to do this so that is why God made them that way.

I have a shed were we put sunflower seeds out there and I will watch the Cardinals use their beaks. It is very fascinating because they twist their beaks back and forth until the shell of the seed is broken. Then they spit the shell out and eat the seed inside. Kinda like how we eat sunflower seeds but we use our teeth.

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See the shell?

Now the way Cardinals show their affection is so very sweet because in Cardinals the female is the lazy one! Yep it is true. The male will bring food to the female. The birds will fly to a food spot and the female will rest while the male cracks seeds open and feeds them to the female. Funny right?!

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He is feeding her

However when they go to build a nest she does help out. It is similar to what the Blue Jays do. The female will build the nest while the male brings her the supplies. Sometimes they will switch and this helps them become a great team! Then it is laying time! She sits on their eggs for 11 to 13 days, and the male will feed her. She can lay 3 to 4 eggs.

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Cardinal eggs

Now they will hatch.


The mom and dad will take turns feeding their babies until they are old enough to fly. They will also protect their babies from predators. Alright now to fly.

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The mom and dad will try to help, but the babies will be on their own. Hope you liked it! bye! Feel free to ask any questions

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