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11 thoughts on “Drawing contest”

  1. Hi I’m Hailey and I can’t get the exact link using my phone but my newest art post is “New art!!” Im hoping you can get to my blog through this comment. Farewell!


  2. Hi Sawyer…You have a lovely little blog and I am impressed with your artwork it shows a lot of promise our granddaughter was a little younger than you when she started on her journey into the world of art she is now at university studying art and hopes to become a teacher..I wish you well with your blog and your art…Thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂

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    1. You are welcome! Thank you so much! I hope to be a good artist when I grow up. Your blog is very nice too. I have three brothers and and a mom and dad. We are all living in an RV so with all the boys running around it can get pretty tiring. But God has blessed me so greatly with my family.😁

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