The voting!

Creative skate

Don’t vote for yourself. The poll ends at 11;30 and anybody can vote even people who aren’t in the contest.

57 thoughts on “The voting!”

      1. i do not draw i do not like drawing, i love looking at art


      2. Actually? That’s so cool. Nice to meet you. I do ron Paul Curriculum, u?


      3. I have many essays but not on wordpress, on wix, wix is another website


      4. Umm, it is on wix, i do nto know how to share it with you


      5. ohh thanks for sharing, ill read them later but i reallllyyyyyyyy need to work onmy socials essay, sorry. i will read the, all later ok?


      6. Sorry, i am not avoiding you. i need to work now, so sorry


      7. r u following me? i am following you if that is ok with you


      8. cool, i really need to work on my essay for socials, sorry.


      9. LOLI ALSO ment to say i am going into seventh grade, sorry. I am not in grade 7 right i am in grade 666666666666666


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