A Birds Life


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This is a swallow

Hi today I will be writing about swallows. You all probably know them but just in case you didn’t here is one above.

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As you can see they use chicken feathers for their nests because that is why they are called barn swallows. The feather make it extra comfy for the chicks. Swallows can lay 3 to 8 eggs. She sits on the eggs for 14 to 16 days. Then they hatch.

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They look hungry

Then the parents look for food. They like bugs and worms and all sorts of things.

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I have a baby swallow living in our neighbors shed. I would take A pic to show you but it might look weird if the neighbors saw me.

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Now it is time to fly! That first leap of faith is all it takes! Now they are off to start again! Please if you have any question about birds I will gladly answer.

8 thoughts on “A Birds Life”

  1. I love swallows! I just saw one flying around a lake the other day 😄 I had no idea they’d use chicken feathers for their nests, so that’s a really cool fact! 👍


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