The winner

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I understand that I have not been doing this contest fair and I agree. I post the essays to soon and I don’t give everyone time to draw or vote. Well no more! From now on I will be doing it weekly. I will post the theme of the contest Monday and give everyone a chance to give me their drawing by Thursday. Then I will make the voting post and you will have till Monday morning to vote. Then it starts again. So That is how it will be from now on. Here is the winner!

Creative Skate: 1

Haily: 0

Hannah: 4

So congrats to Hannah! You win the advantage and that advantage is…… You get to pick the Theme! Just tell me what you want it to be down in the comments! I wont do the same advantage every time. They will change. I will announce the theme after Hannah tells me what she wants it to be. Okay so Also to make it more fair I want everyone to sign up for the contest. I will keep a piece of paper of everyone who want to sign up. If you sign up you will be expected to give me your drawing before the time is over. if you do not then I will have to make the voting without you. But you will have plenty of time before that. So please sign up! Just let me know in the comments. Okay bye!! And thanks again to all my contesters!

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