Never have I ever.. I was nominated for a book tag.

So this is from Elicia site! I guess I want to try it. Ok first question.

1 Never have ever.. read a book in a later series before reading the first book?

We actually yes I have.

2 Never have I ever.. Burned a book?

Nope never

3 Never have I ever.. read a book i knew i would hate?


4 Never have I ever… Written a fan fiction about my favorite books?


5 Never have i ever… Loved A book when i was young but hated it when i was older?


6 Never have i ever.. dressed up as my favorite book character?


7 Never have I ever… Hated a book by an auther I love?


8 Never have i ever… Gone to a book store to buy one book but bought more?

nope i have never even been to a book store.

9 Never have I ever…Read the ending of a book before reading the beginning?


10 never have i ever…Read a book without the dust cover?

yes a bunch

11 never have i ever… pretended to have a book I didn’t?


12 Nevr have i ever.. seen the movie before reading the book?


13 never have i ever.. Secretly read someone elses book?


14 never have i evr… Had to pay library fees for not returning it soon enough?

No i have only been to a library once in my life

15 never have I ever.. Gotten a library hold that wasn’t mine?


16 never have i ever.. Taken over one year to finish a book?


17 the one I made.. never have i ever.. Tried writing a book of my own?

Yes i am making one right now on my website called a birds life

The people i am tagging are Anna and Tuzumi. And they see this all you have to do is add your own question. ok bye

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