A Birds Life


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This is a male and female wren

Wrens are very confident birds and their nests are not in trees, cool right? You can find their nests in cars,sheds,houses,trailer ect. They are creative birds and find unusual places for their nests.

Their are also one of the most common birds for cats to eat because their nests are so close to the ground. Few are lucky to live through their whole life. that Is why i am against stray cats because they are decreasing the population of birds each day and may be the end of them if we don’t do something soon.

Here is some wren eggs.

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Wren eggs

Here are the eggs and if you look closely you can see what the nest is made of.

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Soo cute
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The parents are like most but while the babies are learning how to fly they will also learn how to find food. These ones above are ready to fly!

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