A Birds Life

Biggest birds on Earth

This will be like the exotic birds special but this will be top 5 biggest birds alive today! I hope you enjoy!

This bird ranging at one foot as a baby is one of the biggest birds on earth!

The ostrich

The ostrich is about six feet tall and 3 feet wide with powerful feet that can kill a human. Ok number four.

See the source image
See the source image
A condor

They are the biggest flightful birds but completely harmless to humans. Ok 3

See the source image
Emu is the 3rd biggest
See the source image

Now you might be wondering what this colorful bird is. Well it is called a Cassowary and they can be pretty mean to humans but they eat fruit. this is the 2nd and now for the 1st. I accidentally messed this up by making 5 the biggest so this one is the smallest out of these.

See the source image

The peacock!! next special will be smallest birds

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