To all of you who have not told me they wanted to enter my art contest please tell me now. The Art Contest ends Wednesday and if I am missing someone by then I will move it to Thursday but no later till then. I need all of you beach pic soon. It is a beach theme. The people who haven’t given me their pics yet are Rayna-luna , Tuzumi , and Corrie-Godzilla girl. Only some of you had nick names but i will expect your pics by tomorrow or today. Here are the rules again.

No tracing your pics

No using coloring pics

No using someone elses pic

If I catch you lying to me about your pics then you will be eliminated.

You must give me your pics on time

You must follow the theme.

Okay Those are the rules but here are some things you can do.

You can use paint,colored pencils,plain pencils, markers and Anything more you can ask me. Ok please give me your pics soon!!

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