A Birds Life

Mocking bird my story


Hi and today is very special because I have a mocking bird nest and here is the story about it. All I say in this is true, there is no fiction to it. This really happened to me. Okay so a month ago I was sitting at our picnic table and I saw a couple mocking birds, so there were two. They kept coming back to the same tree over and over again. I thought that they might be building a nest but I knew that couldn’t be true because it was 4 ft off the ground!

And then it came upon me. Last year a mocking bird couple was building a nest in a tree. I could climb up and watch them from another tree close to it so it was super fun. I watched them build and hatch 4 little baby birds! This was great. It was a normal day. I went to climb up in my tree to look at the cute little babies just like I had many other times. But then the mother bird started attacking me for no reason and then I saw it! A baby bird the same size as her babies was torn up eaten by our neighbor hood cat. It broke my heart. Once the mom was gone I climbed in the tree just to make sure and I was right! instead of 4 there were only three babies! From then on day after I was so scared to go outside because the mother kept attacking me. Eventually the babies left the nest but I was so furious at the mother bird, but I now realize it was for no reason.

This year they started coming back to the nest and rebuilding it. but i was still angry Because they didn’t let me watch their babies last year I scared them off every time. So it was then sitting at the picnic table I thought that that could be it. I could have scared them that they were building a nest now even closer and more dangerously to the ground. I didn’t have time to think about it much and that night I had a dream.

I had a dream that they were building a nest! when I woke up I knew I should look but I forgot about it. One day when we got home from the store I remembered so I looked! Sure enough there was a nest! I knew I had to protect it with all my might because now I knew it was my fault! I wasn’t sure how but I had to try. Soon enough they finished the nest. Some days later They stopped coming. Or so I thought?! I thought they might have left to build a different nest. But one day I saw the mother bird sitting in her nest? I wasn’t sure if there were eggs.

Here his a pic above i got of the nest. So later on she just kept sitting on it. One of my brothers scared here so i decided while she was gone that I Should look. And this is what I saw. I ran in to get A pic with my camera.

$ healthy blue eggs with brown speckles! I was so excited. It takes 12 to 13 days for them to hatch and I don’t know how long she has been sitting ion them. This morning she left her nest so maybe there are babies! i will right chapter 2 of mocking bird my story soon!! I hope you guys like it! bye.

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