Health Benefits

So today I Have to write a Research paper. I thought that would be fun but it was so hard to figure out what to write about. So I decided why not talk about how to be healthy. I will first start off talking about a daily routine that can help your be healthy and then pin point Different substances that are harmful for your body.

First off in the morning You should start off by drinking a whole glass of water. This helps your skin because 30% of your skin is made of water, so by doing this it helps your skin and reduces the chances of acne. It also washes of your body and helps with chapped lips. Then you need your breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. I know most people think breakfast is in the morning and any later is lunch, but that is not true. Breakfast gives your body the energy it needs to start off the day. I will usually eat some homemade granola or eggs. These both are great for your body.

Exercise is very important to your body. It keeps your heart pumping and helps blood flow through your veins. It also helps to drink water while you exercise. At night it is important to rest because it needs time to heal. I go to bed at 9;00 and get up at 7:00. This gives your body enough time to heals and rest after a whole day.

Okay so now about all the bad things that you shouldn’t put in your body. Have any of you heard of MSG. Well this is in most of the bad foods we eat. Like chips and anything sweet. The research behind it shows that it kills your cells increases fat. This is not a good substance. So next time you go to the store or buy food. Just take the time to look in the ingredients and tell me what you see? Well that is all for today.

14 thoughts on “Health Benefits”

  1. i highly agree with the exercise part, but i hope you understand that meat builds your muscle mass, making it healthier then a vegetarian diet. i believe that you lose lots of important minerals on a vegetarian diet


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