7th Grade announcement!

I have about 7 more weeks left before I move into 7th Grade!!! I am so excited and I hope it will be as fun as 6th grade! My mom says i will still be in Ron Paul so even better! The only day i will leave Ron Paul with be when I finish 12th grade. But i should still be on my blog. I am so happy and I can’t wait!! Okay well I am going to write a information essay today called Whats the point? so watch for it. Bye

40 thoughts on “7th Grade announcement!”

  1. You are going into seventh grade? You are a little young to be on wordpress, I am 19 and in University


      1. Hello, oh are you online learning? If you are and you are using wordpress, please be careful, there are a lot of fake people out there who pretend to be other people….just letting you know. May I follow you? You can look at my blog too and follow me if you want. 🙂


      2. I totally understand! I have had so many try to talk to me but I I have had to tell them no. Yeah sure you can follow me!


      3. So you have had many fake people following you? Ignor and block them please, that is what I do


      4. I am glad you believe me because I am not a fake, and I know you are not a fake


  2. You are in 7th grade? Guess what? I am in 7th grade too. Nice to meet you.


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