Whats the Point?

So I have noticed something that has been happening throughout my whole time of blogging and I wanted to tell everyone about it. So I know that all of you RPC students like me only have a blog because you have to post your essays on it. But The only reason you d that is so people can correct them. But that is what i have noticed! No one is correcting them. All we do is like or say it is good because we don’t want to take the time to correct the essay. I do this too.

But when you read an essay really hard you learn more about it. It also helps when you read it out loud to yourself. So whats the point of posting all the essays if you can’t learn from them because no one corrects them. Well i don’t know about all of you but I want to make that stop. From now on I will state the good and the bad because it helps you writer write better. So I ask all of you please to correct my essays because I want to learn from my mistakes so I can be better. It is getting to the end of my sixth grade and I don’t think I have learned to write any better.

But with the help of all of you I can learn! So please if you agree then re blog this saying you want this t.o happen with your site also because believe when I say this, Writing is just writing if no one corrects it but if you learned from it. Then you could be a great writer and people would love your blog even more! Well that is the end so please read this thoroughly and tell me your thought.

Published by Sawyer

Hi my name is Sawyer and this site will be for my essays and for selling some stuff that I make. I make bracelets, hats, para-cord straps and bracelets and many other things that you will see on here. I enjoy crafting and learning new things. I am 11 years old and I have 3 little brothers. I love climbing trees and I am in 6th grade. I hope that you will all like my posts. Bye!!

21 thoughts on “Whats the Point?

  1. Good idea, since you want me to correct, I noticed a little error:

    But The only reason you d that is so people can correct them.

    Is it you would or you’d? Is the beginning words But The, or But the, or just The?? 🤔


  2. The creative writing process — expressing your ideas and choosing the right words so readers understand you, is the hardest part. In this area, you have grown a lot. The technical side of writing with spelling and punctuation is an easy fix. I’ll help you, but never get discouraged with those corrections. I enjoy your essays.

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