The winner of the art contest!

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OK so the winner is merlyn! she had 7 votes, rainer had 4 and I had 1. I do need to say something. No one really does my art contests so I am making it that I need more than 5 contesters for me to do it! So please everyone re blog this post because I need a bunch of people. Okay so some people who entered have never drawn their pics so I want everyone who wants to enter this contest to let me know. The contest we are having now is an open contest! you can draw whatever you want! And to get more people in my contest I am extending the due date. The due date will be June 12th. So once again please re blog this and if you are someone seeing this and it is re blogged then you re blog it. I want to get a bunch of people! Okay start drawing!!!! bye feel free to ask questions

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