The Aesthetic blogger Award

Okay so this is like the book nomination I guess. I am not quite sure I understand but I will try my best. Okay first of all thank you to Elicia for nominating me!So to the people I am nominating! All you do is come up with any five questions for the people you nominate… Continue reading The Aesthetic blogger Award


Hi! Last time I did verses everyone liked it so I am doing it again! These verses are all about strength to encourage you all in these hard times. Psalm 16:8 2nd Samuel 22:33 Isaiah 41:10 Nehemiah 8:10 Romans 8:31 Psalm 91:11 John 16:33 1 Peter 5:7 Psalm 28:7 Psalm 18:32 I hope this encourages… Continue reading Verses


This is for the open contest! I used pencil to draw it and fill it in. I did use markers for the lips and eyes. She is under water so that is why her hair looks like that.